Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Book fair is big deal in Danbury

The Danbury Elementary and Middle School Book Fair kicked off Monday morning with up to a thousand titles to choose from, librarian Pat Incorvaia said.

"This is a big deal for the kids," she said. "They start asking about it in November and December. I always do it in February."

Incorvaia said the fair, which features titles from Scholastic books for students of all ages, is an important fundraiser for the school. She said when the books, which are provided by Scholastic, are sold, the school receives a percentage of the sale price.

"The teachers use the money to buy DVDs and other stuff," she said. "Some of the books are used for prizes during Right to Read week in May."

The first group of book fair customers were from Vickie Kukay's third-grade class.

Olive O'Rourkesherf purchased a small stack of books, four to be exact. And they were all horse-related.

"Because I just love horses," she said. "I have a horse."

O'Rourkesherf said she didn't wipe out the entire equestrian section, though.

"I believe they have more," she said.

O'Rourkesherf said she purchased horse books at last year's book fair and is very likely to do so again next year.

Devin Whitaker, meanwhile, purchased two books -- one for himself and one for his little sister.

"I'm going to read it to her," he said.

Plus, Whitaker said, he didn't want to spend a whole lot since he has an entire shelf filled with books at home.

Margaret Warren, who graduated from Danbury in 1983, said she's been volunteering to work at the book fair for years.

"Because my daughter went to school here," she said.

Warren said big sellers include the titles "River Monsters," about giant fish in rivers around the world and "Guinness World Records."

In addition to books, pens, pencils, erasers and school supplies and gifts also are available. But Incorvaia said she tends to steer customers away from those items.

"We try to encourage them to buy books, then share with their friends," she said.

The fair will run daily through Friday with special evening hours from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday for parents and the public to attend.

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