Thursday, January 21, 2021

Top 4 Best Free Animation Software For Creating Animations

 Today I was in search of a really good animation software when I discovered many different solutions for creating animations. I done my best to filter through them all to find the best, so this led me to creating a list of what I feel are the best animation software anyone can get for free. You’ll notice some are better than others and some will do what you want while some won’t though you can be assured out of these 4 you’ll possibly find one that meets your needs.

1. AnimatorDV Simple

The company behind AnimatorDV also have other software created for editing videos, this is their free version which is used for creating stop motion movies. As you can see from the screenshot it has s imple interface and will help you get the job done swiftly and easily.

2. Synfig Studio

This is a very complicated 2D animation software to get started with and that alone is proof in the pudding that this is an awesome free solution. Essentially, it is much like flash and can do everything that flash does. It is one of those free solutions that is definitely worth trying as compared to other similar freebies it is definitely ahead of the game. Even looking at the above screenshot screams “try me” doesn’t it?

3. Muvizu 3D

Muvizu speaks for itself really. There isn’t much I need to say for it as they have so brilliantly made their site into a showcase of what can be done with the software so your best bet to learn more about this and see what it can do is to head over to their site and have a good rummage around.

4. FotoMorph

This software is a one that will help you take your images and turn them into an animated video. It is mainly for morphing which is a form of animation that makes one image gradually turn into another. Probably not the best animation software solution but certainly great for those of you who want to make a morphing animation from your pictures.

In conclusion, these are the best free solutions on the marketplace but if you want it all you may need to buy some animation software that suits your needs. In the mean time you can start trying these out to see if they do what you need.